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We pride ourselves on consistently being able to satisfy all of our clients’ needs when they are purchasing or selling a property.

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Strictly Conveyancing

Strictly Conveyancing is a firm that began in 2006 by Principal Maha Machado. It began as a humble one-employee practice in Parramatta. Since then the company has employed over 15 Conveyancers and support staff. In 2012, the NSW Australian Institute of Conveyancers recognized it for “Best Practice and Professionalism in the Conveyancing Profession.” It was also nominated as finalists in the Local Business Awards Parramatta in 2016!

Our Difference

Fixed Fees

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Property Experience

Conveyancing process:
                                        The conveyancing process looks deeply at what happens when you buy or sell a property from the initial stages. We have qualified Licensed Conveyancers that will look after your property purchase or sale at every stage of the conveyancing process. It is very important to seek legal advice before buying or selling any property. Our property conveyancers offer advice & service before the purchase or sale to all their clients to help them achieve their desired results.

In the process of buying and selling property, you need an affordable conveyancing package. Strictly Conveyancing has experienced conveyancers that will provide fixed-free conveyancing solutions.


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Check before you purchase:

Inspection of Building:

The conveyancing experts strongly advise all clients that no one should purchase a property without the inspection of the building. The best practice of building inspection is to hire a service provider that checks the structural soundness and wirings etc. They facilitate their clients by arranging a building inspection on their behalf.

Pest inspections:
                             Pest inspectors provide the facility to uncover any current or past termite activity, damage visible in the property and advice how to reduce the risk of termite attack. Pest inspections are performed strictly by the Australian standard AS4349.3-1998. They can assist their clients by arranging a pest inspection and the full report will be sent to them.


This is the best place for property dealings and conveyancing matters. Our conveyancing specialists will manage all property matters and transactions from start to end. Clients can rely on this without the need to engage the services of a property lawyer.

They operate an online service, so there is no need to visit their office. This saves you money & time. They also accommodate clients who prefer to attend a face to face meeting at their office.

Their main focus is to provide confidence, reliability, and the latest conveyancing solutions to their clients. They offer a wide range of support in legal matters and give expert opinions related to property law and Conveyancing. Their qualified conveyancers will ensure that you receive a smooth and trouble-free experience every time.

Strata Report:
                         When you are buying a unit, house, or villa, it is very important to have a complex strata report. The strata report contains the history of the building, all current repairs, and maintenance, the financial position of the scheme etc. They can assist you in arranging this for their clients and a copy of the report will be sent to them.

Our Expertise:

  • Purchase and sales of Residential, commercial, and industrial property.
  • Industrial and commercial leasing
  • Registration of title documents
  • Buy & Sell Businesses
  • Justice of the peace services
  • Power of Attorney.

Why Chose Us?

There are many conveyancers and solicitors in New South Wales, but the following factors separates Strictly Conveyancing from them all.

  • They provide their clients with support, advice and confidence that the stress is removed.
  • Their Licensed Conveyancers provide each client with the best options dependent on their individual circumstances.
  • They offer fixed fee conveyancing fees without any nasty surprises at the end of the transaction.
  • They provide free unlimited & comprehensive contract reviews.
  • Your matter is handled by a Licensed Conveyancer, not by a fresh or junior office assistant.

Why buy off the plan?

In recent years buying off the plan has become very famous, especially for investors and home buyers.

This Concept has advantages both for the purchaser and the developer. From the purchaser’s point of view, the property which may not be completed can be purchased at today’s prices. This can be a real benefit in this time of rising prices.

From the developer’s point of view, sales from the plan mean that the purchases are committed to an agreed price. This helps the developers in reducing the commercial risk and securing a purchaser in the early stages of the development. Off the plan purchases do have additional risks and a prudent purchaser should speak one of our Licensed Conveyancers before committing to such a purchase.

If you are thinking of buying or selling a property, speak with one of the Licensed Conveyancers

Strictly Conveyancing provides property law and conveyancing services that gives their clients full peace of mind. Contact one of their Licensed Conveyancers to discuss your free contract review, obtain advice so that you can move forward with confidence. Their fixed fee and conveyancing services and expertise are some of the most competitive in Australia.