Common Misconceptions About Conveyancing

While most people know they need a conveyancer to purchase or sell property, few people actually understand what’s involved in conveyancing. Unfortunately, this lack of knowledge has led to many myths and misconceptions about conveyancers and conveyancing. The team at Strictly Conveyancing are industry experts in conveyancing in Rouse Hill, so we’ve decided to shed some light on what we do and address some of the more common misconceptions about conveyancing.

A Brief History Of Conveyancing

Before we jump into the common misconceptions about conveyancing, it’s important to understand a little bit about the industry and its history.

  • Pre-1800s. Since a group of homo sapiens stopped their hunter-gatherer ways somewhere in the Middle East, land has been occupied by humans. In the early days, land ownership was tenuous, especially with instances of colonisation removing the land and property rights from native occupants all over the world. Land was typically inherited by descendants, owned by a landlord and tenanted, or owned by the government of the time. The government or monarchy also had the power to remove land from individuals found guilty of treason or to accommodate military burdens.
  • 1845. The Real Property Act of 1845 established single deed transfers for property, making ancient forms of conveyance obsolete. However, these ancient practices still make up the foundation of modern conveyancing.
  • 1858. It may come as a surprise to many that the birthplace of modern conveyancing is right here in Australia. When British colonists arrived in Australia in 1788, the Indigenous inhabitants of the land were dispossessed, and the land was claimed for the British Crown. Before the 1840s, Australians operated under the English Common Law system. A bundle of documents, which included the deeds, mortgages, and leases, were kept together, but if even one document was missing or damaged, the title was in doubt. In 1841, South Australia established a world-first Office of Deeds, allowing individuals to see the deeds showing title ownership of land. In 1857, Sir Robert Torrens introduced the Rural Property Act. The act introduced a new government-guaranteed system of land transfer through one document recorded at a single registry, simplifying the existing system. It was greatly opposed by legal professionals but passed through both houses of government in 1858. This Act was quickly adopted throughout the rest of Australia as well as New Zealand, Canada, England, and the United States.
  • 1860s. Qualified conveyancers were officially recognised in South Australia, and they undertook conveyancing work that was previously handled exclusively by solicitors.
  • 1900. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Real Property Act 1900 commenced and is still in force today.
  • 1960s. As technology became more advanced, the way conveyancing was carried out changed dramatically. Certificates of Title could now be produced and recorded in digital form.
  • 1983. The world’s first computerised Torrens Title system was introduced, and computer titles were created for lots in newly registered subdivision plans.
  • 1994. Here in NSW, the Native Title (New South Wales) Act 1994 was introduced, recognising that Indigenous Australians have continuing law rights and interests in the land still owned by the government.
  • Present. In Australia today, much conveyancing work is undertaken by non-solicitor conveyancers, a profession conceived and spearheaded by Australians. E-conveyancing is also on the rise, creating a faster, paperless process for conveyancing across the country. Nevertheless, conveyancing is still an essential part of property purchase and sale, and it will undoubtedly continue to evolve as time goes on.

A Few Myths And Misconceptions About Conveyancing

Okay, it’s time to address some common myths and misconceptions around conveyancing and conveyancers.

  • MYTH: It’s cheaper and easier to do it yourself.
    • A lot of people make the mistake of trying to do their own conveyancing work, not realising how complicated it can be to complete all the searches, undertake the finance planning, and keeping track of due dates. Not to mention that a mistake during the conveyancing process can be very costly, time-wise and money-wise. So trust us when we say it’s better to leave it to the experts.
  • MYTH: Conveyancing is drawn out for no reason.
    • We understand that you want to finalise the sale of property quickly so you can move onto the next stages, but conveyancing is complex and sometimes needs anywhere between 4-8 weeks to be done properly. At Strictly Conveyancing, your time is important to us, so we make sure the work is done as efficiently as possible.
  • MYTH: I’ll need a solicitor to take care of the conveyancing work.
    • As we’ve already mentioned, non-solicitor conveyancing is a profession born in Australia, and all over the country, there are highly qualified individuals to handle conveyancing work who don’t come from legal backgrounds. Whether you choose to work with a solicitor or a qualified conveyancer, both will be able to take care of your property transfer.
  • MYTH: I can contact an interstate conveyancer to manage my conveyancing work.
    • The conveyancer you hire needs to be licensed to carry out conveyancing work in that state. If you’re looking for a conveyancer in Rouse Hill, the team at Strictly Conveyancing can help.

Why Choose Strictly Conveyancing?

The team at Strictly Conveyancing are the experts at conveyancing in Rouse Hill, and there are quite a few reasons why more people are turning to us to help with the sale or purchase of their homes.

  • A wide range of services. Our conveyancers in Rouse Hill offer a wide range of services, including purchase and sales of residential, commercial and industrial property, registration of title documents, commercial and industrial leasing, buying and selling businesses, justice of the peace services, and power of attorney services.
  • Consistent, ongoing support. Many people rely on their home conveyancer for more than just legal advice and help with documentation. Many of our clients use our unparalleled experience and expertise in the property industry to make better, more informed choices throughout the buying and selling process. No matter what stage of your purchase or sale, our team is here to help you finalise the process quickly and efficiently.
  • Award-winning practice. In 2012, Strictly Conveyancing was recognised as ‘Best Practice and Professionalism in the Conveyancing Profession” by the NSW Institute of Conveyancers. Additionally, in 2016, we were finalists in the Local Business Awards in Parramatta. We’re proud of our awards, and we consistently look for ways to be better for our clients.
  • Fixed fees. When you choose Strictly Conveyancing, there’ll be no nasty surprises at the end of a transaction. We quote fixed price conveyancing, so you know exactly what to expect in the way of fees.
  • Tailored solutions. Our team of professional conveyancers will work alongside you to find the right solutions that fit your needs and budget, no matter your unique situation.
  • We have decades in the industry. Strictly Conveyancing has been helping clients buy and sell property since 2006 and has since grown into a team of 15 conveyancers and support staff. We operate exclusively in conveyancing, so we understand the legalities and processes like the back of our hands.

When You Need Help With Conveyancing In Rouse Hill, Choose Strictly Conveyancing

Since 2006, Strictly Conveyancing has provided a range of services in property and conveyancing in Rouse Hill and the surrounding areas. Whether you’re buying or selling property, it’s our mission to help make the complexities of the process a breeze so you can focus on other aspects of the purchase or sale. Our Australian-owned and family-operated conveyancing practice is award-winning, and when you see how committed we are to our clients and their needs, you’ll understand why we’ve built such a strong reputation in the area. So if you’re after a conveyancer in Rouse Hill, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at Strictly Conveyancing.

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