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What is a Justice of The Peace (JP)?

A Justice of the Peace (JP) is an individual authorised by law to perform various administrative and legal functions within the community. They play an essential role in providing accessible and convenient services for certain legal and official matters. JP’s in NSW have two major functions:

JP’s are authorised to witness and certify the execution of documents, including statutory declarations and affidavits. The official signature and stamp of the JP serve as evidence that the document was executed correctly.

An affidavit is a written statement of fact made under oath or affirmation. It is a legal document often used as evidence in court proceedings. When someone needs to make an affidavit, they can do so in the presence of a JP, who will ensure that the person signs the document voluntarily and is aware of the legal consequences of making false statements in the affidavit.

A statutory declaration is a written statement of facts, similar to an affidavit, but it is typically used for various official purposes outside of court. For example, individuals may make statutory declarations to confirm their identity, declare their eligibility for government benefits, or provide evidence of circumstances like a change of name or address.

JP’s can certify copies of original documents as true and accurate reproductions. This can be useful in situations where you need to provide evidence or documentation without surrendering the original, which is particularly important for preserving important records.

Common documents that may be certified by JP’s include passports, driver’s licenses, academic transcripts, birth certificates, and marriage certificates. When seeking certification, you need to present the original document to the JP, who will then make a copy and certify it by adding their signature, date, and an official stamp or seal.

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