Conveyancing in NSW

Once you have decided to sell you property, we will carry out your Conveyancing for any NSW property:

  • Take your Instructions
  • Prepare you contract for sale within 24 hours
  • Send exchange ready contracts to your real estate agent

Once you have found a buyer, we will:

  • Write to your Mortgagee and Organise Discharge of your mortgage
  • Respond to the purchasers representative in relation to any changes that they request
  • Prepare all necessary documents to ensure settlement takes place
  • Arrange settlement
  • Take care of all your needs in accordance with your instructions

If you are planning on selling your property we can help you with your conveyancing in NSW. It is important to know that you or a Real Estate Agent need a contract for sale before you can advertise your property for sale. You must have a draft Contract for Sale available to provide to any prospective purchasers. We will prepare this for you, provide a copy to your Agent then you can market your property for sale. Once you have negotiated the terms of the sale with a purchaser we will update the contract and liaise with the Agent and the Purchasers Conveyancer to organise “exchange”.

Exchange is when the purchaser becomes “legally bound” to complete the transaction. The purchaser is usually entitled to a 5 working day ‘cooling off’ period.

We will then contact your existing Lender to discharge the mortgage and arrange settlement on your behalf, if appropriate.

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